Tilcon Opens State-of-the-Art Asphalt Plant in New Jersey

Tilcon New York Inc has opened a state-of-the-art asphalt plant, which is capable of producing 600 tons per hour and storing 2,700 tons of material in nine 300 ton hot storage silos, at its Mount Hope Quarry, Wharton, NJ. The energy-efficient Gencor Drum plant, is one of the largest asphalt plants in the state.
The new plant is situated close to the entrance to the facility and the scale house, providing customers with convenient, safe and easy access and exit and a fast turnaround.
Another convenience is that customers do not have to get out of their vehicles. The plant features separate COD and Call-in-Order Intercom Systems. COD customers speak their orders via intercom and send their payments via an air tube, similar to drive-through banking.
The plant has several environmental, quality control and safety advantages:

  • Environmental – the plant’s Gencor Ultraplant technology is designed to be the most fuel efficient and environmentally clean design in the hot mix industry. The Gencor Ultraplant offers a positive volatile capture and recovery system that totally eliminates blue smoke and asphalt odors from the process and feeds them to the combustion process as fuel. The drum and all piping are insulated and hot oil silos are thermostatically-controlled, making the plant energy-efficient.
  • Quality Control – the state-of-the-art quality control lab has five dedicated staff members who are state-certified. There are Lab Stations for the Department of Transportation and other state agencies in view of the plant, with a sampling platform at the truck exit.
  • Safety – the plant does not require customers to exit their vehicles at any point while loading, and the control room is in full view of the silos, automatic ticketing and payment systems. Customers can communicate with the control room via intercom.

Technical Facts:

  • 600-tph insulated “ultra drum,” which is warm mix and RAP compatible
  • 120,000 CFM bag house with 400 HP variable frequency drives
  • Ten 10 feet x 16 feet cold feed bins, 100 tons each
  • Three 10 feet x 15 feet RAP bins
  • Three 35,000 gallon vertical asphalt tanks
  • 1,000-gallon calibration tank
  • Automatic sampling station for Quality Control
  • 2,000-gallon anti-strip tank and automated metering pump
  • 2,000,000 BTU hot oil heaters
  • Nine 300-ton hot storage silos, 2,700 tons of storage