Meeker Equipment Co. Inc.

Hamilton Tanks Awarded Top Industry Honor for Portable Asphalt Storage Tank

Hamilton Tanks, LLC, a division of Meeker Holding Company, has received top honors in the tank industry for its shop fabricated, split-compartment, 30,000-gallon portable asphalt storage tank.

The Steel Tank Institute named Hamilton Tanks’ customized asphalt storage tank the “Shop Fabricated Tank of the Year” in its annual distribution of awards for quality steel construction products.

“We proudly share this award with Meeker’s more than 65 employees,” says Meeker Equipment President Jeff Meeker. “Together we’re developing supreme products like this that combine innovation and functionality with the highest quality.”

The award-winning shop fabricated tank boasts portability and customization. “These features are valuable to our customers,” Meeker said. “They know they can depend on us to develop and manufacture steel storage tanks that meet their specific needs – all with the stellar customer service they’ve come to depend on for more than 27 years.”

The Steel Tank Institute’s Annual Product Awards recognize steel construction products and achievements that demonstrate the positive qualities and flexibility of steel as the production material of choice for applications in petroleum, chemical, agricultural and water infrastructure industries.

Hamilton Tanks’ customized asphalt storage tank is wrapped in 6 inches of insulation and embossed aluminum. Each compartment contains thermal fluid heating coils, temperature controls and thermal fluid control valves. A 4-inch, 300-gallon-per-minute asphalt unloading pump is mounted on the gooseneck for filling the tank compartments.

The tank includes additional jacketed plumbing that allows the unloading pump to recirculate the contents of one compartment or transfer liquid from one compartment to the other. On the rear of the trailer is an asphalt meter that accurately meters liquid asphalt to a hot mix asphalt (HMA) production facility. The tank also features a balanced thermal fluid piping system that delivers hot oil to each of the tank coils, as well as to both pump systems, valves and jacketed asphalt lines. The entire system is pre-plumbed, tested, and ready for production.