Skid-Steer-Safety E-Books in English and Spanish Join Print Manuals

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has extensively updated its popular Skid Steer Safety Manual and now also offers e-book versions in English and Spanish. (The print manuals are available in English and a flipbook-style English/Spanish version).

Much of the skid steer safety manuals’ text has been rewritten and the graphics have been updated to be more inclusive of all styles of skid-steer loaders. The safety information contains several key additions, including new content on Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel hazards and hazards involving masked visibility areas around the machine.

“With a variety of information platforms and multiple languages, equipment users and companies can choose what is most convenient for their training needs: electronic or print, English or Spanish, or a combination,” said Jonathan Rydz, AEM’s safety materials manager.

The manuals are available through the online AEM store (, with the e-book versions also available directly through the Apple iTunes Book Store (  

Growing Safety E-book Library  Covers Variety of Equipment 

AEM safety e-books feature user-friendly options such as variable type, bookmarks, the ability to embed and e-mail notes, content searching and a low-light reading format. The e-books are not meant to replace print but provide equipment users with more options to practice safety on the jobsite. AEM safety materials are meant to supplement not replace manufacturer materials.

AEM has several other safety e-books available (aerial platform, agricultural sprayer, hydraulic excavator, industrial/agricultural mower). It plans to add more to the iBookstore, as well as expand into other e-book platforms to increase availability.