Manfredi Team Reaches Everest Base Camp

After ten hard days of trekking gaining nearly 9,000 feet of elevation, the Manfredi Team reached Nepal's Mount Everest Base Camp on May 2, 2013.

Frank Manfredi is founder of Manfredi & Associates Inc., which since 1984 has been researching and consulting in the construction-equipment industry. His son, Jim, leads Spec Check U.S. operations.

Everest Base Camp is the logistics base for climbing expeditions to the world's tallest summit, at slightly more than 29,000 feet. It is the only mountain that extends into the jet stream.

The trail is, of course, uphill from Lukla the starting point in the foothills to Base Camp. A trailhead sign, "Yield to Yaks and Porters," pretty much sets the tone for trekkers, as everything in the region moves on either two or four feet. There are no motorized vehicles. Distances are measured in terms of hours and days of walking. 

The Manfredis also summited Kala Patthar, elevation 18,200 feet.

Jim and Frank Manfredi were assisted by family and of course a guide and sherpas.

The trek brochure described the trip as an extreme activity, which the team found to be an understatement. What distinguishes this trek from a hike?  A hike is a stroll in the park compared with trekking in old streambeds, on top of glaciers that are covered with scree; through flat out boulder fields and up and down uneven rock falls as well as a series of precariously suspended bridges.