Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Offers Tier-4i/Stage-IIIb Conversion Kit for Less-Regulated Countries

From the second quarter of 2014, Volvo Construction Equipment customers will be able to convert Tier 4i/Stage IIIb machines so that they can work in countries where ultra-low-sulphur diesel fuel is not available.

Volvo is now offering an engine conversion kit that owners can use to make machines ready to move out of the U.S. and European Union. The conversion kit protects the Volvo engines against damage by high sulphur levels, while still meeting Volvo internal design standards.

“We know that some of our customers export their used machines to countries outside of the U.S. or EU and must operate on a different type of fuel. We want to assure customers that there will still be a market for Tier 4i/Stage IIIb-compliant machines abroad,” says Alan Berger, Volvo vice president of product platforms.

Used with high-sulphur fuels available in most lesser-regulated countries, Volvo’s Tier 4i/Stage IIIb engines would not operate correctly. The conversion kit allows machines to be reliable after export.