The Quikrete Companies

Quikrete Announces Winners of Mailbox Campaign

This spring, The Quikrete Companies encouraged homeowners to repair damaged mailboxes through a tongue-in-cheek cause campaign called “Save The Endangered Mailbox.” On the understanding that 50 million curbside mailboxes across the country face the dangers of inattentive drivers, severe weather, teen pranks or other accidents, homeowners were challenged to make a difference and win cash prizes by entering the mailbox makeover contest. Ironically, all three award-winning entries were made-over mailboxes that were severally damaged due to unexpected circumstances.

First place winner, Steve Mountain and Kris Eden of Waldorf, Md., found their first brick mailbox backed over by a truck. This incited a complete reconstruction, highlighted by a decorative stone etched with the family's name. 

After her neighbor's brakes failed and toppled her first, second place winner, Nancy Hancart of Nitro, W.Va., rebuilt her brick mailbox topped with a brass lantern.

Following a snowplow incident, third place winner Susan Coulombe of Falmouth, Maine, rebuilt her mailbox with a new white post and three-tier stone planter as the base. 

“In an effort to cut through the home improvement clutter and better engage homeowners this spring, we took a playful approach to repairing damaged mailboxes by making it an issue of importance,” said Frank Owens, vice president marketing for The Quikrete Companies. “We also offered monetary prizes for the best mailbox makeovers using our products as an incentive for homeowners to get involved with this imaginary cause. Beyond the mailbox makeover entries we received through the contest, ‘Save The Endangered Mailbox’ significantly increased our presence with consumers through social media.”

A “Save the Endangered Mailbox” public service announcement, which was viewed more than 10,000 times on the Quikrete website and YouTube channel, along with in-store signage, advertising and consumer emails drove entries to the Quikrete Facebook page. Homeowners in need of assistance with their mailbox makeover also had access to how-to project instructions and videos on the “Save The Endangered Mailbox” webpage. A committee of Quikrete representatives selected the winners, which won $2,000 collectively.