Dayton Superior

Dayton Superior New Technology Sponsor of Tilt-Werks

Dayton Superior Corporation has reached an agreement with Tilt-Up Design Systems, LLC (TDS) to become a Technology Sponsor of TDS and Tilt-Werks, their web-based tilt-up design and construction software. The sponsorship gives Dayton Superior the ability to communicate, through Tilt-Werks, with the tilt-up community in real-time about their projects, from material estimates to lifting and bracing requirements, resulting in a faster, more streamlined design and construction process.

As a part of the technology sponsorship, TDS developed a proprietary interface with Tilt-Werks for Dayton Superior’s lifting and bracing engineering software. This interface allows specific aspects of projects designed/detailed in Tilt-Werks to be shared with Dayton Superior. These projects can then proceed directly to lifting and bracing engineering, completely bypassing the panel data entry process. This reduces the turnaround time required to complete this phase of the project.

Joe Steinbicker, President of Tilt-Up Design Systems, LLC, stated, “One of the many advantages of the tilt-up method of construction is speed. Tilt-Werks is a fully integrated technology that further expedites the design and construction process for tilt-up projects from preliminary design to integration with industry suppliers, such as Dayton Superior. We are thrilled to have Dayton Superior as a Technology Sponsor.”

While at the TDS website, visitors and subscribers can link to the Dayton Superior website to access information about their tilt-up products, procedures, best practices and technology that benefits the entire industry.