Meeker Equipment Co. Inc.

Meeker Equipment Acquires Infern-O-Therm

Meeker Equipment Company, Inc. is expanding its products to include a full line of water heating and storage equipment for the concrete and asphalt industries. The expansion is the result of Meeker Equipment’s recent acquisition of Infern-O-Therm, a New Jersey-based manufacturer of premium heating and cooling equipment. 

“Infern-O-Therm has an impressive history of offering innovative water heating systems for the concrete industry. We are excited to combine this with Meeker Equipment’s quality products to provide top-of-the-line equipment for both the asphalt and concrete industries,” said Meeker Equipment President Jeff Meeker. “Customer support is our foundation, and this means we can better meet all of our customers’ liquid storage and heating needs with the most advanced products on the market.” 

Meeker Equipment already is connecting with Infern-O-Therm’s sales and distribution network to ensure customers receive the services they need with the integrity they’ve come to know and expect with Meeker Equipment. Customers with questions are asked to contact Meeker Equipment directly.