Point-of-Rental Gears Up for 2013 International Conference

Early registration for Point of Rental Systems' International Conference is now open and will end on Friday, Aug. 16, 2013. Normal registration (without the early bird discount) will begin on Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013 and end on Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013.

On Oct. 16-18, 2013, Point-of-Rental will hold its annual International Conference at its corporate offices in Dallas. The conference is scheduled to have training seminars, open round tables, a giveaway, and presentations from conference sponsors such as In-A-Bind, Clearview Financial, TSO Mobile and Rouse Analytics. In addition, there will be inclusive evening outings to Main Event Entertainment in Grapevine, TX as well as Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth. Attendees will also have the option to attend Friday’s training classes or mix and mingle with sponsors at their booths to ask questions, request more information or sign up for their products.

“What will make this year’s conference stand out are the many events we have planned as well as the sponsors we have attending and presenting to our customers,” says Erica Wright, Point-of-Rental’s marketing and public relations manager. “In addition, customers will receive the opportunity to choose what classes - or tracks as we are calling them - they would like to follow throughout the duration of the conference. With each year, we want this to be bigger and better, hoping our customers will want to come back every single year.”

The International Conference is for Point-of-Rental software users only. Special hotel rates and shuttle services to and from the Point-of-Rental offices as well as evening events are available for guests. For more information about the 2013 International Conference in Dallas, visit www.point-of-rental.com/regional-training-sessions or call 800-944-7368.