Husqvarna Construction Products

Husqvarna Opens New Service Center in Northeast

Husqvarna Construction Products recently opened a new service center in Bradford, Conn. The service centers help handle customers’ needs, such as equipment and technological repairs, in order to extend the life of their Husqvarna equipment. The new Bradford center intends to bring these services to the Northeastern region.

The company has also finished the relocation of the center in Roselle, Ill. to Elk Grove, Ill. and have plans to open locations in Georgia and Mexico later this year. This will accomodate the needs of both Southeastern and Latin American customers. 2014 should see more service center locations as well.

In addition to the physical locations, customers can call the Technical Services department at 800-365-5040 for help troubleshooting. Visit the Husqvarna Construction Products website for more information.