CGA Launches Online Utility Damage Prevention Database

Common Ground Alliance (CGA) recently announced the launch of a new comprehensive online utility damage prevention technology information source called VAULT. The database can be used to identify technologies that help reduce damages to the more than 100 billion ft. of underground facilities in the United States.

VAULT is an easy-to-use, searchable database that provides product specifications, equipment capability and company representative contact information for each technology listed. Damage prevention technologies are searchable by technology category, CGA Best Practice, related root causes and/or stakeholder group. Anyone with internet access can use the VAULT database, and companies that offer damage prevention technologies are encouraged to submit their products.

A project of CGA’s Technology Committee and developed by damage prevention software company KorTerra, VAULT was created to further the committee’s goal to stimulate awareness and promote use of technologies that support the CGA Best Practices and mitigate risk of damage as identified through Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) data analysis. It also supports the committee’s technology research strategy by collecting and disseminating scientific and technical information that may promote, improve or advance damage prevention of underground utilities.

“We are continually working to connect damage prevention stakeholders with all available resources for reducing the number of damages to underground facilities,” said CGA President Bob Kipp. “VAULT is a powerful tool that associates damage prevention technology solutions with our Best Practices, applicable Root Causes and more. The VAULT database puts valuable information right at the fingertips of anyone hoping to better protect buried utility lines.”

VAULT will be overseen by the Technology Committee, with technology companies managing information about their damage prevention products and resources.