The Quikrete Companies

Quikrete Kicks Off 'What America's Made Of' Sweepstakes

The Quikrete Companies launched the Quikrete “What America’s Made Of” sweepstakes today. Consumers can enter the sweepstakes, which is conducted in collaboration with home improvement expert Danny Lipford, at for a chance to win a prize pack valued at $599 that includes a Quikrete Guide to Concrete book and Quikrete products for various home improvement projects. The six winners will be randomly selected weekly between Aug. 26 and Sept. 30.

“A recent survey by the Home Projects Council, found that homeowners are most interested in home improvement projects that add functional value to the home, so we selected prizes that fulfill that need,” said Frank Owens, Vice President Marketing for The Quikrete Companies. “In addition, we hope the experience of completing these projects will give the winners the confidence and desire to take on other home improvements projects in the future.”

Quikrete “What America’s Made Of” Project Prizes

  • Patio—Crack-Resistant Concrete Mix, Cure & Seal and Liquid Color
  • Walkway—WalkMaker Form, Crack-Resistant Concrete Mix, Liquid Color, PowerLoc and Jointing Sand
  • Garden Wall—QUIKWALL, Liquid Color and Block
  • Designer Concrete—Stain, Cleaner, Etcher & Degreaser, and Sealer