Associated General Contractors of America

New ConsensusDocs for Selection, Implementation of Dispute Review Boards

ConsensusDocs released two new industry first standard construction contract documents today to help implement the selection and implementation of dispute review boards (DRBs). DRBs have a proven track record of resolving claims and keeping construction projects out of litigation. The ConsensusDocs 200.4 DRB Addendum provides for the establishment and operations of DRB panels to keep projects on track toward completion instead of the court system. The 200.5 DRB Tri-Party Agreement provides a standard agreement for Owners and Constructors to contract with DRB panelists and establishes DRB panelists’ qualifications, ethical requirements and payment provisions.

“The new documents are important industry-first standard construction documents that will help facilitate the implementation of the dispute review boards which have a proven track record of avoiding disputes and claims which far too often hamper the efficiency of the design and construction industry,” commented Kurt Dettman, Director of Training and Region 1 Board Member of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF).

“The DRBF is very pleased that the ConsensusDocs coalition actively listened and worked with the DRBF in creating an industry standard contract document for Dispute Review Boards,” commented Deborah Mastin, President of Region 1 Board of Directors of the DRBF. "This is confirmation that DRBs are a widely accepted industry best practice in the United States and Canada when setting up dispute avoidance and resolution mechanisms on construction projects.”