CCID Conducts Survey for Pavement Contractors

The Center for Construction Innovation & Development (CCID) has begun conducting a 10-question online survey to provide insights into the state of pavement maintenance businesses in 2013 and to help contractors plan for anticipated trends. Contractors can access and complete the brief survey at or by clicking here

The survey is the first by CCID for the paving and pavement maintenance industry, and results will be reported in a special 90-minute seminar at the 2014 National Pavement Expo, Jan. 8-11 in Fort Lauderdale. The seminar, “What’s the Future of the Pavement Maintenance Industry?” will be presented Jan. 8 by the CCID’s Colby Humphrey. In addition to offering a “state of the industry” report, Humphrey will offer recommendations and solutions to guide contractors as they confront industry challenges. 

“The paving and pavement maintenance industry lacks quality information and this survey should help fill in some knowledge gaps,” said Allan Heydorn, editor of Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction and manager of the NPE conference program. “We decided to offer this forward-looking seminar at NPE to help contractors plan for their business so I hope everyone takes advantage of the opportunity and completes the survey. It only takes about two minutes and the information it provides could provide some great insights.”

An extension of Pinnacle Development Group, the newly formed CCID is “a focused research source” designed to meet contractors’ needs “for greater economic, commercial, and competitive ‘intelligence’ to grow your market presence, stability, and profitability.” In addition to general industry and market research, CCID offers market growth analysis, competitor benchmarking, trend identification and analysis, and survey development for customers including customer satisfaction surveys, leadership assessment, and more. For information on CCID visit or contact

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