Ditch Witch - The Charles Machine Works

FXT50 Truck Vac

The FXT50 Truck Vac mounts directly to your truck’s frame rails, allowing the system to flex independently of the truck that Ditch Witch says delivers structural stability that skid-mounted vacs can't match. Ditch Witch dealers will mount the FXT50 to the single-axle truck of customers' choosing, and can customize the truck with toolboxes and other support equipment. 

  • 49-hp Deutz diesel
  • 1,020-cfm blower
  • 3,000-psi water system flowing five gpm 
  • Ditch With claims the FXT50 is the quietest vac in its horsepower class and offers the industry's best filtration

Video: Ditch Witch Packages Truck Vac for Durability