LE, Inc.

LE Adds GenSets to its Equipment Division

LE will introduce seven new generator sets in its Equipment Division product lineup at the ICUEE tradeshow in Louisville, KY. Oct. 1-3. The added products will broaden its line of heavy-duty power generation equipment. 

LE’s new XLE GenSets offer power ranges from 10kW to 250kW. The 10kW is offered as a stationary GenSet with a 20-gallon fuel tank. Six GenSets, ranging from 13kW to 56kW, include a single or double axle trailer, 50- to 100-gallon fuel tanks, oil pan and water jacket heaters.

“LE’s new line of GenSets are engineered to meet the demands of the rental market, as well as small and large work and disaster relief locations,” said Ron Sheldon, senior vice president, sales and business development for LE, Inc. “These GenSets not only provide transportable power for varying needs, but they are also cost-efficient, making them a smart investment that can be trailered to any site you can drive to.”

Thom Reddington, vice president of operations and engineering, stated, “The Perkins, Laidong and Yangdong Tier 4 diesel engines we utilize have proven dependable and fuel efficient, while the Deep Sea Electronics 7220 digital controller is a proven means to manage the system. The safety shutdown will protect the engine and generator from damage, and since they’re totally digital, the units are very reliable. Coupled with the fuel efficiency and weather resistant enclosure, we believe these are an exceptional value.”

The GenSets will be offered by LE-authorized distributors throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, contact sales@lt-eng.com.