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Kalyn Siebert Offering Corsol MP System as Alternative to Galvanizing for Entire Trailer Line

Addressing the demand for more versatile corrosion control options on hydraulic sliding axle and other heavy equipment trailers that operate in extreme weather conditions, trailer manufacturer Kalyn Siebert announces that it will now offer this corrosion protection as an option available for its entire product line.

PRP Industries’ Corsol MP system has been proven to provide exceptionally high protection against corrosion undercutting and blistering and is an effective alternative to hot-dip galvanizing. Kalyn Siebert anticipates that the corrosion protection provided by the Corsol MP system will be particularly well suited for hydraulic sliding axle trailer operators in the towing, recovery and transportation markets.

Whereas the hot dip galvanizing process provides corrosion protection to steel components, there are limitations to which components can be dipped in molten zinc. Corsol MP system involves a chemical process that molecularly bonds a co-polymer to steel that prevents the steel from corrosion. The system protects against the harsh conditions commonly experienced in cold weather climates primarily due to the extensive use of corrosive road chemicals such as magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and sodium chloride. By utilizing the Corsol MP system within their facility, Kalyn Siebert is able to provide corrosion protection for much more of the trailer, including main frames, deck, air tanks, suspensions, axle components and hydraulic cylinders. This results in a much larger percentage of the total trailer being protected against corrosion.

For trailer owners interested in learning more, Kalyn Siebert will feature a hydraulic sliding axle trailer protected with Corsol MP system at the American Towman Exhibition at the Baltimore Convention Center, running November 15 through 17.