VMAC Announces New Head of Engineering

VMAC announces that Stuart Coker has been promoted from quality engineer to Quality and engineering manager. In his new role, he will oversee VMAC's engineering function, product testing and quality assurance. The integration of these areas encourages communication and efficiency that will help VMAC reach its growth goals.

Stuart has been with VMAC for 14 years, starting out as a product engineer. He became senior production engineer, was promoted to quality engineer and now to quality and engineering manager. Stuart has been integral in the development of VMAC's powerful line of compact air compressor systems throughout his tenure with the company.

"I'd like to immediately introduce an even stronger internal and external customer focus for our engineering team," Stuart says of his plans. "I'm grateful for the promotion and will do my best to fill the shoes."

Stuart's career in engineering started at Bournemouth and Poole University in Poole, England. Subsequent to that he worked for 10 years as contracts manager responsible for industrial engineering contracts valued between $100,000 and $3 million. Following that, he moved to Canada and joined VMAC. 

"Stuart has the skills and experience to continue leading our team of engineers as we grow our product line and enter new markets," says COO Ann Evans. "VMAC is in a period of transformation and growth. Having someone like Stuart who knows where we have come from and has vision for our future will ensure these changes take place as smoothly as possible."