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Manitou Introduces New Telescopic Handlers to North American Market

Manitou has introduced two new lines of telescopic handlers to the North American market: the MRT Series Rotating Telescopic Handlers and the MT Series Premiere. 

The Updated MRT Series rotating telescopic handlers consists of three models, the MRT 1840 Easy 360, the MRT 2150 Privilege Plus and the MRT 2540 Privilege Plus, all featuring 360-degree rotation, optimal visibility and 3-in-1 versatility with telehandler, winch and platform modes.

The MRT 1840 Easy 360 is powered by a 101-hp Perkins Interim Tier IV-certified turbocharged engine and the MRT 2150 Privilege Plus and MRT 2540 Privilege Plus are powered by a 150-hp Mercedes-Benz EPA Tier III turbocharged system. The engine automatically adapts itself to the needs of the transmission system. This provides significant fuel consumption reductions by matching engine output to the machine's operation.

With a lift height up to 80 ft. 8.5 in., the MRT 2540 Privilege Plus allows operators to move materials to high buildings and structures, elevate work platforms and carry out service and maintenance work for the mining, oil an gas industries. Lift capacities from 11,000 lbs. on the MRT 2150 Privilege Plus and 8,800 lbs. on the MRT 1840 Easy 360 and MRT 2540 Privilege Plus mean large loads can be picked, transported and placed easily.

The E-RECO - Automatic Attachment Recognition - system comes standard on the MRT Series Rotating Telescopic Handlers. The system automatically senses the attachment when correctly installed and assigns the correct load chart and safe operation zones. This allows the operator to know the lift capacities of the attachments he/she is using around the jobsite. 

Front and rear stabilizers also come standard on the MRT Series. A telescopic scissor design on the Privilege Plus models enables the legs to be partially deployed when obstacles are present or space is limited. When the stabilizers and pads are retracted, they're retracted into the machine's body. There is no loss of ground clearance or addition to machine width. An adaptable calculator adjusts the load chart and lifting zones based on the position of the stabilizers. 

"The MRT Series Rotating Telescopic Handlers provide a unique solution to congested, urban jobsites where traditional telescopic handler use is difficult," said Steve Kiskunas, Manitou Americas telescopic Handler Product Manager. "With the telehandler, winch, and platform modes, the MRT Series provide exceptional versatility to customers. One machine can complete the work of many. With the new E-RECO attachment recognition system and hydraulic speed memory features, operation by multiple users is easy."

MT Series offers aerial work platform option

The MT Series Premiere includes four Interim Tier IV-certified models: MT 1440, MT 1840, MT 1840 A and MT 1840 H. All models feature a rated lifting capacity of 9,000 lbs. The MT 1440 has a lift height of 44 ft. 4 in., while the MT 1840, MT 1840 A and MT 1840 H have a 57-ft. 7-in. lift height. Frame leveling and front stabilizers come standard on all models. The stabilizers increase lift capacity on the MT 1840 from 4,000 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. at maximum lift height and from 800 lbs. to 1,900 lbs. at maximum forward reach. 

The MT 1840 A provides work platform capability and comes standard with a Load Moment Indicator (LMI) that provides a forward tipping notification to the operator. Electrical sensors and power up to the boom tip integrate with sensors on the work platform to limit the possibility of overloading the platform. The MT 1840 A also comes standard with a lockout system that increases the area of stability for the machine equipped with a work platform. 

All models are powered by a 102-hp Perkins Interim Tier IV-certified diesel engines that delivers 310 ft.-lbs. of torque. Offering full performance in a compact package, the view from the ROPS/FOPS canopy is a full 360 degrees due to the low-mounted telescopic boom. 

"The MT Series Premiere Telescopic Handlers provide a high-end, premiere telescopic handler for our Manitou construction and rental customers," said Kiskunas. "The MT Series Premiere telescopic handlers provide excellent comfort for the operator while delivering exceptional rough-terrain material handling performance. And with four models, there is a configuration for any work application.