Caterpillar Paving Products

Compaction Guides Feature Fundamentals, Jobsite Tips

The Cat Paving Products Guide to Soil Compaction was released earlier in 2013. It joined the Cat Paving Products Guide to Asphalt Compaction, published in 2012. Both books are available on and through participating Cat dealers.

Key to the success of the books is the combination of fundamental lessons and real-world jobsite tips.

The fundamentals include an introduction to the physics behind compaction and a glossary of terms. The real-world lessons include application tips and techniques for adjusting to challenging jobsite conditions.

The Guide to Soil Compaction features more than 100 photographs and illustrations. It provides information on soil types and classifications, application, and quality control. Field test options also are examined.

The guide also has a detailed explanation of Intelligent Compaction and its utilization on the jobsite. The guide provides information that will help contractors better understand the concept of Intelligent Compaction as it becomes more prevalent on jobsites.

The Guide to Asphalt Compaction features color photos and illustrations that support the in-depth, easy to read book.

The guideā€™s content includes compaction basics, the forces of compaction, factors that affect compaction, methods and specifications, and joint compaction. In addition, charts and illustrations help explain approaches to challenging rolling patterns.

Also helpful is a chapter on how to overcome issues such as asphalt pickup, rubber tire marks, inconsistent density, tight radius compaction and working around bends and junctions.