MAPEI Corporation USA

MAPEI Ultratop PC

Ultratop PC is a high-flow, quick-setting, self-leveling, cementitious topping optimized for diamond polishing. Suitable for both interior and exterior use, Ultratop PC is designed to be applied at depths of 3/8" to 2" (10 mm to 5 cm) thick.

  • It cures quickly for fast-track resurfacing and polishing of concrete floors.
  • Suitable for application in high-end residential locations, retail stores, warehouses, schools, kitchens, airport hangars and loading docks.
  • Engineered to provide a thin resurfacing material that is very dense, hard and durable, with the ability to hold a brilliant polish
  • Will provide either a brilliant ‘salt-and-pepper’ look when polished, or a creative and artistic surface when mixed with integral colors
  • Will accept both foot and light vehicular traffic
  • Can be used on new and existing concrete