Concrete Industry Management

CIM Auction Helps Fund Concrete Construction Education

Since 1995, the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Program has been helping students who have an interest in the concrete industry gain the skills and knowledge they will need through four-year degree programs. 

CIM has held a charity auction in each of the past nine years in conjunction with World of Concrete, selling donated items to raise the necessary funds required to continue the CIM program.

This year the company received the most donated items to be auctioned off and raised $750,000 for the program. 

"The auction is really the lifeblood of some of the funding we have for CIM," says Brian Gallagher, chair of CIM Marketing. "The funds we get at the auction are distributed back out to the universities."

Companies throughout the industry donated product, materials and "bucket list" vacation packages to the cause. 

"We really want to invest in the future leaders of the industry," says Gallagher. "There is going to be a shortage of skilled workers in the industry and the CIM program can help combat that."