Husqvarna Construction Products

“Exploring Architectural Praxis” – Husqvarna teams up at WOC to teach

During World of Concrete 2014, Husqvarna Construction Products participated in an event geared towards architects, engineers and designers. The event was facilitated by Tao Group, a construction consulting firm.

The goal of Exploring Architectural Praxis was to open communications between professionals and manufacturers and to prove that concrete is not just a canvas, but also a medium with which to bring an architect’s design ideas to life. This event enabled architects to learn about design and application and how these two elements need to work together to create the perfect appearance for a particular space.

The architecture firms Gensler, Grimshaw and Deborah Berke Partners challenged the world’s top concrete contractors to prove to the world (and estimators) that the impossible is possible. Architects’ ideas do not need to be “value” engineered if they know how to translate his/her ideas into action.

Husqvarna’s own Christopher Bennett, Architectural Specifications Consultant, along with Gensler senior associate,  Bill Dubois and two other industry professionals, worked with the Tao Group on this presentation. The presenters showed architects how to take problematic application designs and accomplish their intent through using quality products and craftsmen.

Over the 4-day period of World of Concrete, contractors created examples of different floor samples so architects could see, feel and understand the process that goes into creating their designs. The flooring examples created a Tribute to the History of Architecture, Craftsmanship and the World of Concrete.

To learn more, click on the link below to watch a video produced by Tao Group about the event.