American Concrete Institute

ACI Offers Guide to Formed Concrete Surfaces

The primary goal of the construction team is to produce as-cast concrete surfaces that meet project specifications and expectations. Although various descriptions, interpretations, and methods exist to achieve an as-cast concrete surface, no unified definitions of different concrete surfaces exist. This document defines four quality levels of formed concrete surfaces and provides methods to achieve and evaluate them.

This guide assists the project owner, design team, contractor, formwork and concrete suppliers, and all other parties in reaching a more specific understanding of how to produce a more clearly defined as-cast concrete surface. The guide also discusses all phases of construction relating to concrete surfaces from planning, description of work, and construction through acceptance of a concrete surface.

The Guide to Formed Concrete Surfaces is available in hard copy or digital format. $56.50 (ACI members $34.00); Order Code 347313.EM

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