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Webinar: Leadership Roles of Top Management In Developing a Lean Culture

Implementing Lean Construction as a business operating system in an organization represents a powerful improvement opportunity, which requires company-wide change, especially for top management.

Few organizations understand that a successful and sustainable Lean implementation starts with an ironclad commitment from the top. Rather, these organizations believe that top management’s role is to give a one-time “blessing” to Lean and hand the Lean task to a Lean Facilitator or Champion. The end result of this type of implementation is a low performing or failed implementation with a litany of justifications for why their Lean implementation failed.

This webinar, "The Leadership Roles and Responsibilities of Top Management in Developing a Lean Construction Culture", will discuss and explain the Lean Leadership principles that top management must use in their attitude and actions to support the development of a Lean Culture. Actual company examples will be discussed.

When: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm EST


  • Gary Santorella, President, Interactive Consulting
  • Larry Rubrich, President, WCM Associates LLC


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  • Non-Members: $129