Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Goodyear Displays Five Radial Tire Options at CONEXPO 2014

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is displaying a number of construction and quarry application tires at this week’s CONEXPO Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Goodyear is exhibiting at booth #11649 in the convention center’s North Hall. Among the tires on display there are:

  • The GP2B, a smooth-riding radial tire for general service applications. The GP2B contains a unique, high-synthetic compound for long wear and cut resistance; a high-tensile steel belt package for enhanced impact resistance; open shoulder grooves for outstanding traction and self-cleaning; and a solid center rib for superior lateral traction.
  • The RT3B, which is designed for travel across particularly rough terrain. The RT3B contains multiple steel belts to resist rock cuts and penetrations; all-steel radial construction to resist heat build-up; industry-leading compounds for enhanced cost-per-mile and overall tread wear; and a wide tread width for extra mobility and a more stable and comfortable ride.
  • The T3LA+, a radial tire with 25 percent more tread depth for superior traction and ride in soft soil conditions. This tire also contains an ultra-wide tread arc width for enhanced forward and lateral traction and flotation; an open tread design to promote self-cleaning; synthetic/natural rubber compounding for long tread wear and cut resistance; and a high-tensile steel belt package for enhanced impact resistance.
  • The GP4D, a radial that offers enhanced traction for articulated dump trucks. It features a non-directional tread design for high fore, aft and lateral traction; ultra-wide tread arc width for improved sidewall protection, enhanced flotation and enhanced tread life; centerline riding lugs for long tread wear and a smooth ride; and more. “The GP4D is available in a 65-series profile and select wide-base sizes for a high degree of flotation, improved stability and reduced ground pressure,” noted Anckaert.
  • The RL5K, a radial loader tire designed for severe underfoot conditions. The RL5K boasts a combined smooth or lug tread pattern for enhanced tear resistance and traction; synthetic/natural rubber compounding for long tread wear and cut resistance; and other features. “Its tread depth is 150% deeper than a standard L-3 to help deliver optimal wear,” said Anckaert.

Also on display are Goodyear large-haulage tires like the RT4A+, the RM4A+ and the RM4B+, which are suited for quarry and aggregate use.