Dayton Superior

Dayton Superior Introduces State-by-State Website Tool for DOT-Approved Products

Dayton Superior announces the introduction of a new web-based tool providing a state-by-state directory of Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved chemical and accessories products offered by the company.

The directory, available at, provides users a quick and easy resource for identifying Dayton Superior products that have received approval from their state’s DOT. In addition, users can click on any product name within their state’s DOT-approved product list for more detailed product information.

“Dayton Superior developed this online directory to eliminate guesswork as to what Dayton Superior products meet the requirements set forth by any given state’s DOT,” says Randy Brown, senior vice president of global sales and marketing. “This tool offers customers, particularly specifiers, instantaneous access to the right Dayton Superior product solutions for their projects.”

The addition of the online directory further expands the portfolio of value-added services Dayton Superior offers to customers and reinforces their position as a leading single-source solutions provider within the concrete construction industry.