Minnich Mfg. Inc.

Minnich Develops Sales and Service Team to Provide Focus on Dealers

Minnich Manucturing has taken a proactive approach to vetting and developing equipment dealers across the United States by utilizing the experience of the outside sales team. In this new structure, one Minnich outside sales team member will be assigned to each key region in the country: the western U.S., the eastern U.S., and the central U.S.

Todd Jurjevic, Sales and Marketing Director and a 13-year veteran with Minnich, is now managing all sales in the central U.S. Jurjevic will continue to be in charge of all marketing efforts within the organization as well. Mike Sansom is now responsible for outside sales in the eastern United States, and has been with company for 12 years. Rob Minnich will now be heading up the outside sales effort in the western United States. He will also continue to focus efforts on video production and marketing for the organization.

According to Minnich management, the new structure will allow the sales team to better serve the existing dealer partners across the country, while at the same time facilitating the vetting process with prospective dealers.

“The integrity of our employees is quite frankly one of the top reasons why dealers choose to partner with us and why contractors purchase our equipment,” explains company owner, Jim Minnich. “Our people are extremely talented and knowledgeable, and our goal is to make sure that our dealers can benefit from a solid relationship with those Minnich sales team members.”