Putzmeister America

RS 850 Tubular Column Placing System

Putzmeister America, Inc. has introduced its new RS 850 Tubular Column Placing System, which features a fully automatic self-climbing system, and easy-to-assemble, compact design for high-rise pumping. The new tower placing system’s one-sided, mechanical climbing system ensures greater flexibility and ease-of-use, as it is automated and does not need to be moved manually.

  • Reach great heights using various climbing and mounting equipment configurations
    • Five mounting equipment configurations available
    • Ballasted base works best on spacious job sites, while the cruciform and compact bases, and base plates provide options for more congested environments.
    • Uses a pin connect system that is easier to assemble. The pins can be reused for efficiency and cost savings.
    • The M-profile design incorporates the climbing and delivery systems into a smaller footprint — one meter by one meter — so it is easier to create and repair holes.
    • Much of the tubular column and safety platform can be assembled at ground level.