VMAC Announces Company's First Board of Directors

VMAC is pleased to announce the appointment of its first Board of Directors. As a result of the company's recent growth and expanded shareholder base, senior management and shareholders determined that the time was right for the formation of a Board of Directors to assist in the strategic direction and to provide guidance in what is expected to be a period of significant growth for the company.

Members are VMAC co-founder and President Jim Hogan, Elizabeth Menard, David Elgie, Lindalee Brougham and Ken Marzocco. Combined, they have more than 120 years experience in business, strategic planning and corporate governance. In addition, VMAC will benefit from their expertise in financial reporting, domestic and international marketing, cost control and manufacturing.  

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"This is an exciting time for VMAC," Hogan says. "We are lucky to have such an accomplished group of people who are committed to working with us to ensure sustainable growth in a responsible manner. Their guidance will help insulate us from pitfalls as we plan for the future."

David Elgie: Elgie began his career as a graduate Chemical Engineer in the North American oil and gas industry. He moved into management where he held several executive level roles. He developed expertise in helping companies grow quickly and successfully. He has also been a director of a variety of corporate and non-profit boards. Elgie is an independent director of the Board and Board Chairperson.    

Ken Marzocco: Having bottom line responsibility for numerous entities in several countries, Marzocco brings a wide range of experience to VMAC. His background in strategic planning, marketing, organization optimization and financial management will help VMAC continue its growth without compromising the values on which it was built. Marzocco began his career as a graduate Mechanical Engineer and will be an independent director of the Board.

Lindalee Brougham: Brougham is a Chartered Accountant who has developed a well-deserved reputation as a champion of due diligence and helping businesses implement best financial management practices over the past 20 years. Brougham has served as a Chairperson or Director of a variety of corporate and non-profit boards, including the Victoria Police Department, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC and the Victoria Airport Authority. Brougham is an independent director of the Board.     

Jim Hogan: Professional Engineer, President and co-founder of VMAC. Hogan has been very involved with the design of the company's award-winning product line for many years. Hogan's expertise has contributed to the development of patent technology critical to the UNDERHOOD system, and provided the necessary leadership through many critical years of the company's growth. Hogan represents VMAC's operational management on the Board.

Elizabeth Menard: Menard has taken on an ever-expanding role at VMAC as shareholder and representative for the Menard Family Trust, the company's largest shareholder. She is the sister of co-founder Tony Menard. Menard shares management's and other Board members' excitement about the focus on the company's growth plans.

"I am extremely pleased to be joining the Board of Directors forVMAC as Chairperson and working with such a dynamic company and energized group of individuals," says Elgie. "Their ongoing operations and sales are fascinating enough, but their attention and commitment to new product development is really what I find the most inspiring about this company."