Associated General Contractors of America

AGC Announces Aggressive Research Project to Cut Construction Accidents

AGC launched an effort to cut construction accidents in Dallas this week during a safety stand down. The association will conduct an exhaustive analysis of the details of each of the 806 construction fatalities that took place across the country in 2012. The objective is to identify the common threads among the fatality incidents. The association wants to know, for example, what is prompting workers to fall, causing them to get struck by equipment, or if current safety gear is appropriate. AGC plans to share its findings with member firms, the federal Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) and other interested stakeholders. The new effort is designed to complement many steps the association and member firms are already taking to address workplace safety.

AGC is encouraging members and chapter to participate in the campaign. Please visit AGC’s Fall Prevention Campaign website and complete the survey.