Occupational Safety & Health Administration

OSHA, Habitat for Humanity-Omaha Team to Protect Volunteer Workers from Construction Hazards

Habitat for Humanity-Omaha and the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have established a partnership to provide a safe and healthful work environment for employees, volunteers and subcontractors involved in residential construction projects. The partnership will include a requirement for any person working on a construction site to receive a site-specific construction safety orientation addressing hazards and safety procedures.

"This partnership reflects a commitment to the safety of employees and volunteers who dedicate their time to Habitat for Humanity projects," said Bonita Winingham, OSHA's area director in Omaha. "This partnership will develop and implement a comprehensive safety and health management system for Habitat for Humanity sites, including a heat illness prevention policy and a fall protection program."

As part of the voluntary partnership, both OSHA and Habitat for Humanity-Omaha will work together to develop resources to help protect workers and volunteers on their projects. The program will include daily job site inspections, implementation of a fall protection plan, employee training, hazard-specific training and quarterly partnership meetings to discuss goals, training and specific issues that have arisen during the course of construction work.

Safety and health training will also be provided in Spanish when the need arises. Weekly safety training of all contractors and subcontractors will be documented.