Lind Equipment All-In-One Beacon LED Tower

Lind Equipment All In One Lights On With Gen Copy
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The All-In-One Beacon LED Tower provides the functionality of three separate lighting assets in a single package.

  • Can be used as a generator-powered tower to illuminate remote sites with an onboard generator as small as 1,000 W
  • Easily attachable/detachable clip-on diffuser frames enable use in areas that require diffused, no-glare lighting
  • Separate diffuser frames used for each light head to provide users with the ability to adjust the light heads in the direction light is needed
  • Diffuser frames simply come off as quickly as they went on and can be stack ed with the covers still on and placed into our carrying case
  • Ability to be powered by an electric external power source allows for quiet operation with no fumes, suited for indoor applications
  • Boasts a tough and durable exterior, 30,000-lumen weatherproof light heads and IP65 wet-location rated usability
  • Fits through people doors and two towers can easily fit in the back of a pickup truck
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