Video: Why Finning's Spencer Smirl is Lead Engineer for Antarctica Winter Crossing

A five-man Ice Team and two Cat D6Ns are making the first attempt to cross Antarctica in winter. The specially modified Cat D6Ns play a key role in the expedition, pulling cabooses for shelter, scientific work and storage, and constructing crevass crossings.

Cat D6Ns Power First Attempt to Cross Antarctica in Winter

28-year-old Spencer Smirl is the youngest member of The Coldest Journey expedition and uniquely qualified for the adventure.

Smirl, a native of Alberta, Canada, is one of two Finning mechanics selected for the ice team. He has extensive experience working on the Cat D6 series dozer since first joining Finning in 2003. And he's accustomed to working in extreme conditions. Since 2011, Smirl has been stationed at the Ekati diamond mine facility near the Arctic Circle.