Video: Volvo Pipelayers Used on Innovative Pipe-In-Pipe Project in Canada

Canada-based Surerus Pipeline, the largest independent pipeline installation contractor in British Columbia, relies on Volvo Construction Equipment to handle various projects. Surerus Pipeline most recently employed Volvo pipelayers and excavators for the Kinosis Project, a challenging and revolutionary venture utilizing a pipe-in-pipe process never attempted onshore. One of the many Volvo machines helping them get the job done is the PL3005D, which offers modern technology, high visibility, and versatility in tight spaces.

"They are safe, efficient, purpose-built machines that are superior to traditional side-boom units for many applications," says President Brian Surerus. "Our customers were curious to see how these machines would perform. They see the versatility and safety, plus they eliminate the need for a crane for unloading and moving pipe, which enhances their bottom line. Many now want to make sure that the Volvo machines are available for their job."