IL Road Work Restarts After Budget Vote

The cost of shutting down, maintaining and restarting 700 road construction projects could cost $30 million, but exact costs aren't known yet

Mary Wisniewski, Chicago Tribune

Illinois' legislature has passed a major income tax increase and spending plan, so many of the state's road construction projects that were stalled can now restart. While the road construction projects have been shut down for less than two weeks, the cost of shutting down the 700 projects across the state, maintaining those sites during the shut down and restarting all that work could be more than $30 million, although the exact cost of the shutdown is not known yet.

Not all contractors will be able to restart work right away, according to Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association's CEO and President Mike Sturino.

"It's not like you can just turn on a light switch," Sturino said. He said most things should be moving again by the end of next week. "It will take some time, but we're glad it's over."

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