Tensar Launches SpectraPave Mobile Application

Tensar's new mobile app helps determine aggregate savings

Tensar International Corporation, a leader in geosynthetic soil reinforcement and stabilization, today announced the launch of the new SpectraPave mobile application.

The SpectraPave mobile application allows users in the field to quickly and accurately determine aggregate savings with the use of TriAx Geogrid (TX140/TX160) for subgrade stabilization projects. The SpectraPave mobile application can be accessed with Internet connected devices on demand, at any time and from anywhere in the world.

The SpectraPave mobile application is a component of the TensarConnect platform, a new digital channel that enables engineering professionals and contractors to connect with Tensar, its products, and its sales and support teams on demand. The SpectraPave mobile application is the first mobile solution to be released through the TensarConnect platform.

The TensarConnect platform and SpectraPave mobile application can be accessed on any java enabled smart phone mobile device including the iPhone, BlackBerry and Google Android. Customers can also easily access and use the mobile platform on their tablet, PC, laptop or desktop computer.

"The SpectraPave mobile application enables engineers and contractors in the field to easily evaluate requirements, order material and manage projects," said Joe Cavanaugh, Tensar Vice President of Technology. "They can connect with a local Tensar representative on demand via text, email or phone at any time."

After inputting the project metrics, the application generates an analysis summary for the project and instantly provides the user with contact information for the appropriate sales representative based on project location.

A tentative project summary is created in PDF format, available to both the engineer and the Tensar technical representative. This can be saved and accessed by logging into the user's personalized Tensar account. When the analysis is finalized, users can view the report from any Internet-connected device or from any computer or phone browser via bluetooth connection.

If site conditions change, the initial analysis can be viewed while in the field and a new analysis performed to determine the required amount of aggregate for the new conditions. The SpectraPave mobile application provides immediate time and cost savings to customers.

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