2010 - The Year of Maximum Economic Stimulus Package Impact

$76 billion dollars for 23,500 projects that could create 480,000 jobs is up for grabs as significant portions of stimulus funds reach the streets in 2010. These numbers are courtesy of Onvia analysts who believe infrastructure will be the sector that will kick off strong as project spending reaches contractors and subcontractors who will be working on these projects. To discuss more about the level of impact stimulus funds will have on the construciton industry in 2010, Michael Balsam - Chief Strategy Officer with Onvia, joins the Construction Business Podcast. In this episode Michael talks about:
  • The overall impact stimulus dollars will have
  • The increase in competition for stimulus dollars
  • Potential stimulus packages beyond the ARRA
  • What the future looks like for the construction industry beyond 2010
Guest Michael Balsam Website: www.onvia.com