GOMACO Commander III Four-Track Concrete Paver

Frame redesigned for Tier 4 engines and cooling systems allows isolating the pivoting operator’s platform from vibration and improving visibility to paving functions

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GOMACO redesigned the frame of Next Generation Commander III slipform paver to accommodate Tier 4 engines and their cooling packages. In the process, the paver got a new pivoting operator's station, isolated from machine vibration and improved sight lines to all of the multi-process machine's various slipforming functions, including pavements up to 20 ft. wide and side-mounted barrier wall. An optional on-board camera can be positioned anywhere around the machine to monitor operations, and it feeds live to GOMACO's G+ control system display on the console.

  • Optimized cooling package with on-demand hydraulic fan controlled by the G+ control system
  • Tier 4 power-optimized engine and load-sensed hydraulic circuits improve fuel efficiency
  • GBox on each leg integrate with G+ controls to improve steering and grade
  • GBox features a new location for the slave controller and proportional valves, reduces hose and wiring needs, eases serviceability and troubleshooting and provides easy access with a horizontal swing door at ground level
  • Redesigned engine shroud provides easy access to service and fill points
  • G+ control with G+ Connect seamlessly integrates with the complete line of accessories, including 2D and 3D guidance systems and the GSI (GOMACO Smoothness Indicator), plus will accommodate telematics for remote engine and machine monitoring

Brochure: Next-Generation GOMACO Commander III Paver

Video: GOMACO G+ Concrete Paver Control System

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