CRT 60-66K Hydraulic Ride-on Trowel

Two-mode electro-hydraulic steering allows user to select responsiveness of the joysticks

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The CRT 60-66K hydraulic 60-in. ride-on trowel combines a hydraulic drive unit with a two-mode electro-hydraulic steering system, an engine power regulation system and built-in hydraulic wheel kit.

  • Two-mode power steering system allows user to select the response of the joysticks
  • Computer controller monitors engine speed and adjusts hydraulic load
  • Hydraulic wheel kit lets user raise the machine on the front and back wheels to change blades or pans
  • Electronic cruise control
  • 66-hp Kubota turbo diesel
  • Blade speed up to 155 rpm
  • Hydraulic blade pitch
  • 2-speed engine throttle
  • 12-gal. fuel tank
  • Six blades per rotor
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