HeatZone H150

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Thawzall 10990610

Thaw, cure and heat on wintertime jobsites with the Heatzone H150 flameless heater, ideal for small to medium size jobs and applications like heating rebar, curing concrete on second story mezzanines, or curing vertical bridge columns.

  • 2,400-sq.-ft. thawing capacity
  • 6,000-sq.-ft. curing capacity
  • Interior space heating capacity is 129,000 BTU's per hour
  • Energy efficient 175,000 BTU (input) fuel oil boiler burns 1 gal. per hour at full output
  • Multi-zone (2 X 600-ft. zones) manifold distribution system delivers efficient and consistent heat
  • Low-pressure operation (1-15 psi) for optimal safety

Specifications: Thawzall Heatzone H150

Operator's Manual: Thawzall H150 

Thawzall Heatzone H150 Concrete Curing Procedures 

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