HeatZone XH850 Extreme Heat

Fcp Thawzall Xh850 1 10839456
Thawzall 10990610

Rated at over 1 million BTUs per hour, the XH850 Extreme Heat will thaw, cure and heat for your winter construction applications with closed-loop hydronic heating.

  • 21,600-sq.-ft. thawing capacity
  • 43,200-sq.-ft. curing capacity
  • Interior space heating capacity of 732,000 BTUs per hour
  • Oil, LP or NG burners
  • Energy efficient 1,083,000 BTU (input) burner/boiler combination burns 11.4 gal. per hour at full output (external fuel supply)
  • Four independent closed loop circulation pumps
  • Low-pressure operation (1-15 psi) for optimal safety

Operator's Manual: Thawzall XH850


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