Surface Prep Concrete October 2009

Products and equipment for concrete surface preparation.

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4GC Concrete Grinder


  • 36-in. working width with 4 square feet of surface contact area
  • For production grinding, cleaning, leveling or smoothing of large surface areas
  • Available with electric, gasoline and/or propane power options
  • Standard with a 3-in. vacuum port for dry grinding and a garden hose hook-up for wet grinding



EDCO Equipment Development Co.

7100 Industrial Scrubber


  • Micro-Rider, battery-powered scrubber
  • ec-H2O technology converts plain tap water into a powerful cleaning agent without any added chemicals


Tennant Company

BMP-335EHY Scarifier


The new Blastrac BMP-335EHY Scarifier can be used for preparation of asphalt, concrete, and steel surfaces. Weighs 895 lbs., the scarifier features a scarifying motor and a separate hydraulic drive motor. Other features include hydraulic assist steering,a hex drive shaft and non-slip drum, and a connection for Blatrac vacuums for a dust-free work environment.



CS 2000 Water Recycling & Slurry Containment Vacuum


  • Concrete slurry / debris contained in porous filter bag for safe and easy disposal
  • Integrated sump pump can recycle or discharge water
  • Flow rate of 78 gal. per minute at level
  • 13-gal. stainless steel canister with cart
  • Ideal for wet working power tools and equipment
  • Portable water supply saves time




CS Unitec, Inc.

HSG-125 High-Speed Angle Grinder


The new HSG-125 from Alpha Professional Tools is a 5-in. grinder with a 7.2 Amp motor. The HSG-125 can accommodate 4-, 4 1/2- and 5-in. diameter blades and can be used wet or dry.


Alpha Professional Tools

iAD Vacuum Series


HTC's new iAD vacuums include the 5 iAD, 10 iAD and 15 iAD vacuum systems. The 5 iAD has a 4-hp motor and weighs 374 lbs. The 10 iAD has an 8-hp motor and weighs 726 lbs. The 15 iAD has a 12-hp motor and weighs 1,034 lbs.


HTC Professional Floor Systems

KR-10 scarifier


  • Roughens, removes, cleans, mills, grooves, de-scales and de-rusts asphalt, concrete and aggregate stone
  • Centrally located drum
  • 300-lb. weight
  • 9-hp Honda gasoline engine; electric or propane motor available
  • 10-in. cutting width
  • Covers 450 to 600 square feet per hour at a depth of 1/8 in.


Kut-Rite Manufacturing

MK-IXL Dust Shroud


  • Control dust during concrete grinding
  • Snail shape design utilizes air velocity created by the rotating grinding wheel to channel dust particles away from the work surface into the vacuum port
  • Developed for heavy-duty use
  • Fits most 7-in. grinders
  • Can be used with cup wheels up to 7-in. in diameter
  • Attaches to any traditional shop vacuum
  • Made from "abrasive resistant" plastic


MK Diamond Products, Inc.



  • Delivers water up to 40,000 psi with a rotating action for a widened spray pattern
  • Rotation speed is variable up to 3,000 rpm
  • For use with any of NLB's multi-orifice heads
  • UHP seal lasts an average of 40 hours
  • Field-repairable
  • 36-in. barrel; 48-in. barrel model also available


NLB Corporation

W8-115 Quick Compact Angle Grinder


  • 8 amps, 800 Watt motor
  • 10,000 rpm
  • 19.5 in./lbs. torque
  • 4-1/2" grinding disc capacity
  • AC/DC capability for use on alternative power sources
  • "Cool Flow" technology includes repositioned carbon brushes for unrestricted air flow and a sonically balanced fan that pulls 35% more air through tool than previous models keeping motor cooler in operation
  • Tool-less wheel change system allows operator to quickly change wheels with out the need for a spanner wrench
  • "S-Automatic" safety slip clutch helps protect the operator from kickback
  • Anti-vibration side handle absorbs up to 60% of vibrations


Metabo Corporation