K-Tec 1233ADT Scraper

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The K-Tec 1233ADT is designed to self-load 33 cu. yds. of material with a 40-ton, 400+ hp articulated dump truck (ADT) or 36 cu. yds. (heaped) with added gate extension.

  • 30% of heaped load weight transferred directly to the hitch located above the truck’s back two axles, putting more power to the ground
  • Gooseneck hitchpole enables quick, easy attachment to various ADT chassis
  • Automatic cushion ride feature better absorbs bumpy haul road conditions
  • Fast hydraulics and joystick scraper control allow for enhanced precision grading and dumping
  • High-tensile steel design of the scraper allows for improved wear and a lighter weight
  • Available hitching system for train application with a second scraper
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