Series 800 Oil Changer

Series800 10154923
Environme 10154840

The Series 800 Oil Changer can be used in the stand with storage tray or wall mounted, saving valuable shop space. One button to start the system and one button to draw the oil sample. Turns off automatically when oil pan is empty. The unit needs only 110 volts of electricity, shop air and connection to waste oil container. The system can be used on site in a garage or off site in a service truck. The patented Drain Fittings insure a "Spill-Free" connection with the coupler while the patented magnetic insert captures ferrous particles, improving engine life. The Semi Automatic Oil sampler has a built in time delay assuring a non-contaminated sample for each oil change. Mechanic can choose how much oil is desired for a sample. Evacuate 40 quarts of oil in mere minutes. Saves an average of 15 minutes using the conventional gravity drain method.

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