Toro RT1200 Riding Trencher

Planetary-gear-reduction trencher drive uses a flywheel, torsion shaft and planetary gear set to multiple torque and absorb trencher-chain shock loads

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The Toro Company introduces the RT1200, built on a tool carrier chassis and allows contractors to select from tracks or tires and a variety of attachments – including a backhoe, 6-way backfill blade, rocksaw, vibratory plow, reel carrier and the Toro-exclusive HD PowerTrench drive system or hydrostatic direct trencher drive. HD PowerTrench consists of three major components – a flywheel, torsion shaft, and planetary gear set.

  • The flywheel stores inertial energy, ensures efficient hydraulic system operation and keeps the chain consistently running in tough digging conditions
  • The torsion shaft absorbs shock loads
  • The planetary gear set multiplies the hydrostatic motor torque for added digging power
  • RT1200’s P105 Vibratory Plow features plow-blade attitude adjustment, as well as plow steer and swing of up to 30-degrees to maintain plowing accuracy and maneuverability
  • Powered by Cummins 4.5 liter, 121 hp engine and 48 gallon (182 L) fuel tank
  • Standard tilt frame tilts the machine at variable degrees to maintain trench angle
  • Available with a direct drive trencher, combo mount system and sliding offset feature
  • Optional factory installed cab assembly with pressurized cab, doors on both sides, front and rear windshield wipers and heat and air conditioning

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