RD20 III Drill

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Atlas Copco 10931839

Atlas Copco's RD20 III drill is designed with 120,000 lbs. of pull-back and 30,000 lbs. of pull-down. The RD20 can reach 6,000 ft. depths with standard tooling or quickly set large diameter surface casing. The rig's feed rate system delivers 29 fpm with a fast feed up of 106 fpm and fast feed down of 192 fpm. The RD20 III uses either a standard 2-pod loader or an optional 7-pipe carousel with 30-ft. drill pipe. The RD20 III as this rig is completely self-contained, mounted on a tridem carrier with an on-board air package offering 1,250 cfm/350 psi air. The carrier's 380-hp engine and drive train moves the rig down the road at standard highway speeds.

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