Get Cash for Your Compressor Clunker

Receive up to $1,000 credit when you upgrade to Kaeser Compressor

Now is the perfect time to get the most bang for your buck by trading in your loud, inefficient compressor for a new Kaeser air system. Kaeser Compressors will rebate $100 per horsepower - up to $1000 - towards the purchase of a Kaeser AirCenter or Airtower.

Based on the replacement compressor's motor size, you will receive a rebate of $100 per horsepower up to $1,000. Any operational air compressor qualifies for our Clunker to Kaeser program. Plus, you can keep your clunker to scrap for additional cash!

Both Airtowers and AirCenters combine a rotary screw compressor, storage tank and dryer in one package unit. Airtowers are available in 4, 5 and 7 ½ hp models and deliver up to 28 cfm at pressures from 80-217 psig. AirCenters are available from 3 to 40 hp with maximum working pressures available from 80 to 205 psig.

Offer begins October 1, 2009 at participating distributors nationwide. For complete details, please call 800-777-7873 or visit us at