Progress SLT Solar-powered LED Light Tower

Progress SLT light tower features four LED lights with a 50,000-hour estimated life

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AttachmentsPlus is now offering the Progress SLT (Solar Light Tower), a portable, solar-powered light tower equipped with a Mono-Crystalline Solar Array to capture solar energy. Four L70 LED lights offer an estimated life of 50,000 hours and approximately 34,000 LED lumens. The SLT800 is suited for moderate use and the SLT1200 is designed for round-the-clock applications. Both offer a 12- to 30-ft. tower range.

  • Deep-Cycle AGM battery options and an MPPT Charge Control system virtually eliminate maintenance
  • Automated timer with 8-Day/Time On-Off settings
  • 800- and 1,200-watt solar array
  • Up to 42-hour runtime (estimated) with four lights
  • One-person setup
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