Cat 336E H Paves the Way for 2014 U.S. Open

The 336E H reduces fuel consumption by up to 25% which translates up to 66 tons less CO2 produced than the standard 336E over the course of a year and is equivalent to taking 24 hybrid cars off the road.
The 336E H reduces fuel consumption by up to 25% which translates up to 66 tons less CO2 produced than the standard 336E over the course of a year and is equivalent to taking 24 hybrid cars off the road.

If you plan on attending the U.S. Open next year in Pinehurst, North Carolina, pay special attention to the newly widened roads. It may not be your main focus if you’re a fan of golf, but as one of 400,000 fans congregating, and needed to get around, at the event, you are sure to appreciate the expanded roadways.

In preparation for the U.S. Open’s 2014 Golf Championships, S.T. Wooten Corporation was selected as the premier contractor by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to rapidly expand North Carolina Highway 211 (NC 211) and accommodate the thousands of golf fans anticipated at the event.

NC 211 is a primary state highway in North Carolina and traverses mostly through the Sandhills and Coastal Plain regions of the state; connecting the cities of Candor, Aberdeen, Raeford, Lumberton, Bladenboro and Southport. The widening project consists of widening the road to a multi-lane highway with curbs and gutters, sidewalks, as well as installing traffic signals and signs along the upgraded multi-lane highway. Because of streams and wetlands in the area, NCDOT worked closely with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Choosing the Right Partners

As a family-owned business headquartered in Wilson, North Carolina, S.T. Wooten’s reputation is built around leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest levels of safety, quality of work and productivity. The company has a history of developing creative solutions that help protect the environment, reduce disruptions to the public and speed up efficiency in the face of tight deadlines.

When the time came, Wooten decision makers partnered with Caterpillar and selected the Cat 336E H Hybrid Excavator to assist their company’s construction progress on the 7.5-mile-long project. Cat Dealer Gregory Poole helped leverage the sustainable innovation on the job.

The widening of NC 211 began in late 2011 and is expected to be completed in May of 2014 – just in time for the U.S. Open in June of 2014. At the time of this writing, the Cat 336E H had been on the site for about a month, operating approximately 11 hours a day and loading fill material in preparation for the road grading process.

Proof of Performance

Wooten Machine Operator, Doug Poindexter, says the Cat 336E H is “powerful in its break-out force, comfortable and fuel efficient.” 

Ricky Riley, Wooten Equipment Manager, says the Cat 336EH is experiencing 4.6 gallons* per hour fuel burn in their specific application. The new technology is proving why a quick payback with uncompromised productivity is no longer a myth as it relates to sustainable hybrids manufactured by Caterpillar.

“It’s a lot faster than I’ve ever run,” Poindexter says after using the new excavator to load one of the trucks that run the fill material from the ball pit where the Cat 336E H operates. Poindexter notes that the machine is “so quiet!” Measured at only 69 decibels, the operator station sound level may be lower than the average household blow dryer or vacuum cleaner.

Mark Wilson, Wooten Site Foreman, commented that he is “pleased with the machine’s performance.”

U.S. Open FAQ

When will the championships be played?

The U.S. Open is June 12-15, 2014, on Pinehurst's No. 2 course. The U.S. Women's Open is June 19-22, 2014, on the same course.

When was the U.S. Open last played in Pinehurst?

The U.S. Open was played at Pinehurst's famed No. 2 course in 1999 and 2005. The U.S. Women's Open has never been played at Pinehurst Resort, but the championship came to nearby Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club in 1996, 2001 and 2007.

Why do the tournaments have "Open" in their name?

The U.S. Open and U.S. Women's Open are so named because they are open to any golfer who meets the handicap criteria and scores low enough during several qualifying rounds. In 2013, applicants for the U.S. Open had to have a handicap index of 1.4 or less. Those applying for the U.S. Women's Open had to have a handicap of 4.4 or below. A handicap, which is calculated using a complicated formula, generally represents the number of strokes over par that a player would be expected to shoot during an average round on an average course.

How many people will attend the Opens?

Organizers say as many as 400,000 people could attend the two championships in 2014. The U.S. Open at Pinehurst in 2005 drew about 325,000 people.

What other important golf tournaments have been played in Pinehurst?

In addition to the 1999 and 2005 U.S. Opens, Pinehurst hosted the 1936 PGA Championship, the 1951 Ryder Cup Matches, the 1962 and 2008 U.S. Amateur Championships, the 1989 U.S. Women's Amateur Championship, the 1991 and 1992 Tour Championships and the 1994 U.S. Senior Open, according to Pinehurst Resort.

Have other notable sporting events been held in Pinehurst?

Other championships that have been in Pinehurst include the U.S. Clay Court Championships in Tennis; the U.S. Croquet Championship; and the World Lawnbowling Championship, according to the resort.


  • The 336E H moves as much material as a standard 336E, yet burns up to 25% less fuel in truck loading applications. This means more efficiency and productivity for you with less resource consumption and fewer CO2 emissions.
  • In terms of CO2 reduction, a 25% fuel advantage is equivalent to removing 12 passenger cars off the road annually. (Source: EPA website)
  • The 336E H has the flexibility of running on either ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel with 15 ppm of sulfur or less or biodiesel fuel up to B20 blended with ULSD.
  • An overfill indicator rises when the tank is full to help your service technicians avoid spilling.
  • You can ensure fast, easy and secure changing of engine and hydraulic oil with the Cat QuickEvac system.
  • A unique engine oil filter eliminates the need for painted metal cans and aluminum top plates. The cartridge-style spin-on housing enables the internal filter to be separated and replaced; the used internal element can be incinerated to help reduce waste.